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Teaching the kids about farm animals

Another great thank you card from a #kindercare  Thanks for having us out for your summer program
Farmer Sean teaches fun classes for schools. Bringing a different animal each week for the kiddos to
Getting to bring the zoo to lots of preschools and summer camp programs this week
The kids had to write a letter but they could choose anyone they wanted to write to about something
Ahhhh these lil cuties wanted me to read them stories tonight! #llama #isyourmommaallama #storytime
Go ahead and caption this. Looks like they are talking, maybe trying to teach the class
Thanks for the card #kindercare #preschool We enjoyed teaching the kids this summer #farmanimals #ca
Sometimes schools have us come out weekly to teach about animals. Today was llama and alpaca day for

Who wouldn't want Farmer Sean to come and teach your kiddos about farm animals? He is the most enthusiastic, animated, and captivating farmer around.  So fitting for the job, and the entertainment on top of the education is memorable for sure!

Education about these wonderful animals is where it is at and Farmer Sean finds joy in sharing this information with kids and adults alike.  Every class starts off the same way. "Every animal on a farm gives us something!"  it's our job to navigate through that with understanding, animation and fun for all ages.

Education classes can run on many different levels to fill your need. 

Classes are done by the hour with a 1 hour minimum and 30min increments after the 1st hour.  They can be done daily or weekly based on your need and schedule. Making it a great fit for summer programs as well as year round.

A new animal is brought in for each week and based on age and length of class we will go through each animal and learn all about them. 

Why are goats eyes shaped like rectangles?  Do Alpaca have top teeth? Can you milk a pig? Is Farmer Sean this cool all the time?     

6 class minimum (6 week block) $125 per hour

7-9 classes Include one class of Pony Rides

10+ classes will get visits from our animals not always in the regular cycle

Email us for questions or how to customize this program for your school.

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