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Ponies and miniature  horses

What a memory for a parent to see their child ride a pony. Maybe fulfill a childs dream? From a 1st ride to a child that rides grandmas horses all the time there is something special about children and ponies.  We love this part of what we do and we currently have 9 ponies that we can provide rides on.  (Horses too for special requests or older kids/adults) 

Now, sorry if this disappoints. We do not have costumes for our ponies but there are some businesses that do - my hat goes off to them because it takes a massive amount of organization and dedication to the theme and I don't have the patience!  You will pay more for them but in some cases it's worth it. Having stated all that, if you want to try a costume of your own on one of my perfect ponies then let's rock. We ultimately want you to be happy so if the horse is safe and the kids are safe then we are a open bunch of cool Cowboys.

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