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Cost Breakdown - 1 1/2 hour minimum
Restrictions or Holiday pricing may apply 

Check out specific pages for more information

Petting Zoo *OR *
1 Pony

Petting zoo with 15 - 20 wonderful and loving animals along with everything needed for the animals.  

*See Other Fees below if they apply to your event.

                     $450      for 
1.5 hr
Petting Zoo AND
1 Pony

Our wonderful Petting zoo with 1 hand led 

Pony as well. (Have both for only $150 more)

*See Other Fees below if they apply to your event.

$600 for
1.5 hr
We all have personality
I'm Just Saying...

 Farm animals are so FuN

and . . . so are WE!
Add a PONY

Add a 2nd Pony for any Petting zoo and Pony Party.

per hour
Pony Ring

Our 3 Pony Ring comes with a Pony Carousel and a Handler.  

(two hour minimum)

2 hr
More Ponies

Add an Extra pony to any ring (up to 5 total Ponies per ring)

$75  per hour
*Other FEES

Concrete Clean up fee for concrete or asphalt.    

Travel Fee for events 30-50 miles away 

Travel Fee for events 50+ miles away

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