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Contrary to popular belief Farmer Sean is not the pig you all get to Kiss - that chore is exclusive to Cowgirl Clarine. (Your lucky day and she is stuck with it)

Kiss the Pig is a program we mastered years ago.  This is NOT a throw together project to give you one more thing to look forward to.  This is a well orchestrated presentation that will get your kids excited and draw onlookers to see what the heck is going on.  

Kiss the Pig is not a new concept but it is one that can flop very easily if you don't do it right so we take great pride in what we do here and Kiss the Pig takes no exception.  

Kiss the Pig is a program that you run your way leading up to the carnival or the "kissing" day and it runs solely in conjunction with the purchase of a 3 hour petting zoo and is included at NO COST to you.  Raising money is hard enough without Carters Farm taking more of it.  We have done hundreds of these events over the years and have some fantastic ideas to share with you from other schools that have worked and some that have not how you do it is strictly up to you.

What we include for Kiss the Pig at NO CHARGE!

1. East Valley schools will get a Kiss the Pig Tour leading up to your event - 1 hour and 10 minutes at the school so the kids can see the pig up close and pet. 10 out of 10 Scientists agree that a hands on experience of petting a pig that is going to be kissed with burn it into the memory of even the most scattered child. (I googled it)

2. A presentation not soon forgotten of our beautiful pig - this is way more involved then you can imagine because here at Carters Farm we love leaving a lasting impact long after the event is over.

Call us for more information on how to put this together for your school.

Kiss the Pig! Kiss the Pig! Kiss the Pig!

This school was ready for their _kiss the pig_ presentation from farmer Sean today
Let's do this!!! #cartersfarmaz #kissthepig #ikissedapig #schoolfundraiser
#ikissedapig #cartersfarmaz #schoolfundraiser
Miss Arizona kissed a pig! And she liked it! #schoolfundraiser #kissapig #potbellypig #pig #missariz
_Kiss the PIG_ 🐷🐽 its time for the winners to kiss the pig tonight! #kissthepig #schoolfundraiser
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