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Why do these animals have masks on?

A fly mask or fly cap is a mask used on horses and other farm animals to cover the eyes, jaw, and sometimes the ears and muzzle to protect from flies. ... Fly and mosquito protection is an important part of overall animal care, as biting insects are both a source of irritation and also may transmit disease.


In the summer months, adult bot flies are a common sight around farm animals. ... They live on stored reserves only long enough to lay eggs on the hair around a animals eyes, mouth, nose, or on the legs. Moisture from the skin or from the animals licking causes the eggs to hatch into larvae.

Why don't the Zebra wear them?

It is studied and researched that the black and white stripes of a Zebra confuse and disrupt the fly and what it sees, allowing them to stay relatively fly free!  Time to get out the Zebra pattern leggings!



       Take a look for yourself and you be the judge.

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